Cost of marriage

How much will it cost?

A wedding in church need not be as expensive as you might think

There is a statutory legal fee that must be paid for the wedding ceremony

There are additional charges for the organist, the choir, and the bell ringers if you choose to have them for your wedding

There is a charge for the services of a verger (or front of house manager)

Between the months of October and April there will be an additional charge for heating

Please note that the charges may vary from year to year


Charges for weddings in 2021


Statutory fee including the fee for the reading of banns of marriage


Marriage certificate - this is now ordered and paid for through Camdex.Camdex - Search



Playing of recorded music (if organ not requested)








Heating (if required)



Flower displays in church can be arranged by the church’s own flower arrangers and invariable cheaper than a florist. Please contact the Parish Office 01480 370312 and we can arrange for our lead arranger to contact you on your specific needs.  Alternatively you may wish to make your own arrangements with a florist. If you wish to take the flowers with you to a reception venue after the ceremony, you will need to make your own arrangements.