Visit to Vellore, India.

Revd Sarah Gower, curate and Catherina Griffiths were among a party of 9 representatives from Ely Diocese and Cambridge Ecumenical Council to visit Vellore, South India to witness the re-signing of the covenant between the two dioceses, in January 2012.

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Leprosy Mission Hostel Scudder Memorial Hospital Ranipet Ranipet Nursing School
Ranipet Zion Hill Church. Mission Day
Sipcot School Teacher Training Class Tirrapatur School
Tirrapatur School Olcott Church Katpadi Industrial Institute
Delavois Memorial Chapel Delavois Higher secondary School Karigiri Rehab Centre
Katpadi Cottage Meeting Rangoli Patterns HIV/AIDs Project
Cerebral Palsy Unit Meeting at the Bishop's House Darling Hotel
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