There are 17 photo albums.

Bishop's at St Mary's School
Bishop Stephen visiting St Mary's School


Flower Festival 2015
Photos from our successful 'Famous People' festival weekend, 26-28 June 2015. Photos courtesy of Shirley Kevern (St Neots and District Camera Club)

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Baptism of Andrea and Callum
The baptism in August 2014, of mother and son, Andrea and Callum Normanton

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Julie and Lee's Wedding
28 July 2014

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Patronal Festival BBQ 2013
Barbecue held in the churchyard to celebrate the Patronal Festival - September 2013.

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Visit to Vellore, India.
Revd Sarah Gower, curate and Catherina Griffiths were among a party of 9 representatives from Ely Diocese and Cambridge Ecumenical Council to visit Vellore, South India to witness the re-signing of the covenant between the two dioceses, in January 2012.

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Furstenwalde Choir Visit 2012
Georg Popp, organist and choirmaster of Furstenwalde Cathedral, Germany, brought a Youth Choir to perform at St Marys Church in July 2012. The boys stayed at St Marys School while the girls were billeted with families in the parish.

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Faye and Matthew's Wedding
Some photos from Faye and Matthew's big day in July 2013.

Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Distant Cloud Photography

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Flower Festival June 2013
A Celebration of Marriage - our wonderfully successful flower festival. The photographs with titles are copyright, Ursula C Franklin and reproduced by permission

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The Rowley Memorial
Wonderful photos by the sculptor and restorer James Elliott of the extraordinary late 19thC memorial in the chancel to members of the Rowley family. The following paragraph about the newly unveiled memorial appeared in the Guardian for 22 November 1893:

'A remarkable monument has lately been placed in the chancel of St. Neots church, Huntingdonshire, by Mr. Frederick Walters, architect, of Great Queen-street, Westminster; Mr. Earp, of Lambeth, whoso lamented death occurred a few weeks ago, being the sculptor. The tomb rises from the chancel floor nearly to the roof, a height of 27ft. A correspondent writes :— "It might, perhaps, be objected that there is too great an absence of horizontal lines in Mr. Walter's design, but to this it owes so much of it attraction that one is little inclined to question the judgment of an architect who has seized one of the chief elements of beauty in the French Gothic without being tempted to depart in the smallest detail of enrichment from the best originals of his own land." Tho monument is to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Rowley, the recumbent alabaster figure of Mrs. Rowley resting upon a slab of black Belgian marble. Upon it Mr. Earp spent much of his time during the last two years of his declining health, and he had only just completed it when he died'.

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The Easter Story
Children from St Mary's School present the Easter story in church. Wednesday 20 March, 2013

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Catherine's Silverstone Run
Catherine Weaver running her half-marathon for church funds

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The stained glass windows
Stained glass windows, mostly by Hardman Powell of Birmingham. Mid - late 19th century. One window (Christ before Pilate) is by Kemp and three are by Clayton and Bell. The photographs are by Stephen Day

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Windows and carvings
Some of our stained glass and amazing roof carvings, seen close up during restoration work in 2009

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Imagining the Future
Photos from our Imagining the Future / Stewardship day in Church, 9 February, 2013

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Ashes to Go
On Ash Wednesday, Fr Paul and the Revd Debbie Noonan, Rector of Eynesbury took to St Neots High Street with prayers and ashes to offer to the community. A rare opportunity for a moment's pause and reflection in the middle of a busy day.

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Anne Williams trip to Africa
Some photographs from Anne's trip to Africa

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